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Frontiers in

 Magnetic Particles

June 30-July 2, 2025
Telluride, CO, USA

About the Meeting:

Magnetic particles have a multitude of applications by providing a unique handle to manipulate and sense. Magnetic particles are an enabling technology for a wide variety of biomedical, chemical, electrical, and functional materials research. Advances in these areas benefit especially well from cross-fertilization of ideas between chemistry, biology, medicine, physics, and engineering. It is our goal to create a technical and social environment in which participants from diverse disciplines can discuss trends in research and form collaborations. This international event will bring scientists, engineers, medical professionals, and program managers together to discuss this rapidly growing and highly interdisciplinary field. This iteration of the meeting will focus on three distinct areas: (i) biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles, (ii) development and metrology of new materials, and (iii) integration of magnetic particles to create new phenomena. 

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