Magnetic carriers are unique nano-materials with a wide range of biomedical, environmental, and technological impacts. This international event will bring scientists, engineers, medical professionals, and program managers together to discuss this rapidly growing and highly interdisciplinary field. Magnetic particles are an enabling technology for a wide variety of biomedical, chemical, electronic, and functional materials research because they provide a unique handle to manipulate and sense nanostructures. Because this field benefits especially well from cross-fertilization of ideas from chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering, is our goal to create a technical and social environment in which participants from diverse disciplines can discuss trends in research and form collaborations. Three specific topic areas will be highlighted. (i) Biosensors for therapeutics and imaging, (ii) Magnetic separations, and (iii) biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles.

Travel Information

Getting to Telluride is not the easiest but your efforts should be well rewarded. 

We recommend flying to Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ) or Denver, Salt Lake, or Albuquerque 

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Previous Meetings

We have been fortunate to have some outstanding speakers over the past years.  See the links below to download previous meeting schedules.

2017 (Asheville, NC)

2015 (Telluride, CO)

2013 (Telluride, CO)

2011 (Charleston, SC)

2009 (Clemson, SC)


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We encourage our participants to take advantage of TSRC's lodging. TSRC offers hotel rooms and condos in both Mountain Village and the Town of Telluride at a discounted and tax-free rate. We also encourage folks to take advantage of the roommate connection. (More Information)

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We want to thank our sponsors for their kind support. If you are interested in supporting the meeting please contact us at info@magneticnanoparticle.com

Frontiers in Biomagnetic Particles is a bi-annual meeting organized by Thompson Mefford and Jennifer Andrew (Clemson University and University of Florida, respectively).

The 2019 Meeting is in partnership with the Telluride Science Research Center.