Silvio Dutz


Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Technical University of Ilmenau

Lucia Gutiérrez

Ramón y Cajal Research Fellow

Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón

Universidad de Zaragoza

Alan Jasanoff


Dept. of Biological Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Karen Livesey

Associate Professor

Dept. of Physics and Energy Science

University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

​Samuel Oberdick

Magnetic Imaging Group

National Institute of Standards & Technology

​Carlos Rinaldi


Dept. of Chemical Engineering

University of Florida


We want to thank our sponsors for their kind support. If you are interested in supporting the meeting please contact us at

Frontiers in Biomagnetic Particles is a bi-annual meeting organized by Thompson Mefford and Jennifer Andrew (Clemson University and University of Florida, respectively).

The 2019 Meeting is in partnership with the Telluride Science Research Center.